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Board Bio

This is the three headed monster responsible for organizing Craft Pub Runners, and we use the word organizing very loosely. Sam, Nam and Paul have been friends for decades. The three spent their younger years in Ogden just about 30 miles north of Salt Lake City. Sam and Paul spent grade school and high school making poor choices together after which the two went to separate universities. Luckily Sam and Nam met up in college to continue on the path of self destruction. Consequently they have now known each other for half of their lives. Somehow their friendships and livers have survived.  The three share a common background in technology and awkward social skills.


After several years of listening to Sam talk about his role in the Ogden Pub Runners the three decided to spawn a similar group in Salt Lake City. The three met several times working out how this whole thing was going to work, meanwhile Sam wondered if it was a good idea to infect total strangers with their highly questionable decision making abilities.  Finally, on a rainy day on April 30, 2019 while Sam and Nam, the only runners that night, Nam challenged Sam one last time with “Why The Hell NOT!” and CPR was off and going full bore. 


In short these three are friends because they just can’t seem to know the answer to the question, “What could go wrong”. 


What We’re Trying To Do. 


People who get together to run is not a new concept. People who meet up at pubs is not a new concept. In fact people who meet at Pubs and Run is not a new concept. But as we looked around Salt Lake the groups we found failed to meet a certain need as we see it.


What is Missing?


A Group that 


  • Doesn’t have a membership requirement

  • Doesn't charge for attendance

  • Is not focused on elite athletes

  • Features alcohol but has a culture of drinking responsibly 

  • Is not PRIMARILY established as a dating group

  • Is not directly affiliated with one pub or bar

  • Welcomes runners and non-runners 

  • Is attractive to people new to the area who are just looking to connect with the community



On Instagram: @craftpubrunners

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