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Come Play with Us


Craft Pub Runners is about two things: good beer and good company. We are craft beer fans that want to support our local craft brewers that have made our lives better with their outstanding artisan products. Fundamentally, our love of drinking great beer over lively conversation with friends has encouraged us to occasionally get off our asses to get some exercise so we can drink more beer and make more friends… this is where the whole “running” complication comes into play.

We identify as a group of regular, middle-aged folks that want to have a good time, meet new friends, see some new places, and be part of the community. We intend to establish a low pressure, inclusive, positive environment that everyone can enjoy. We want members to go out of their way to say “hi” to that new person coming for the first time and welcome them to be part of our rag-tag, sometimes awkward af group of friends! We don’t care if you run, walk, bike, crawl… or just hold the bar down until the “less committed to drinking” group gets back—we just want people to have a great time.

Our members are typically not dialing in our mile times—a lot of us are trying to run a mile. We’re not trying to start a fraternity/sorority—we’re too old for that shit, bruh... We’re just a low-key group of folks that just want to have a good time with other nice (preferably hilarious) folks.


Disclaimer: Craft Pub Runners participants are responsible for their own safety. Drink and behave responsibly!

On Instagram: @craftpubrunners

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